iTunes Windows Support for PS3 Media Server

iTunes Windows support for PS3 Media Server

I’ve been playing with PS3 Media Server since I got my PS3. It makes the PS3 much better as a media library client, but it still can’t compare to XBMC. Anyway, I was looking around the code for PMS and noticed that there was iTunes support for OSX, but now Windows, so I extended it to work on Windows today.

I created a patch which applies to r358:
iTunes Windows Support Patch

For those who want to test it ASAP:

Download this file:

This zip file contains a “pms.jar” file. To use this, go to your PMS folder, usually C:\Program Files\PS3 Media Server, and rename the existing pms.jar (to pmg.backup.jar) so you have a backup, and then copy the new pms.jar file in.

Now when you restart PS3 Media Server, under General Configuration, you should have a checkbox for “Show iTunes Library”. You can check this, save, and restart PS3 Media Server for it to start loading the iTunes library. Note that it takes a while to load, it took about 10 minutes on my library!

9 thoughts on “iTunes Windows Support for PS3 Media Server”

  1. The patch applies to the code, which means you have to get the code from SVN and apply it.

    If you just want to test it out, just download the and follow the instructions.

  2. I keep getting asked for a password to extract the zip file. If I skip the password request, the file doesn’t extract properly. Help!

  3. Well, I tried replacing pms.jar. It looks like it will work great, except that I’m running into the PS3’s folder depth limit:

    C:/Users/name/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/Music

    I tried adding the iTunes Music folder under the Folders Sharing tab (I believe this creates a “symbolic link”), and that adds the iTunes folder, but doesn’t fix the iTunes Library access problem. Any ideas for a solution?

  4. Bliz: I would recommend using the latest version of PMS, which already has this feature inbuilt now.

    The folder depth should not matter, as it shows up under “Media Library” for “Audio”, and it displays artists etc.

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