Minor Multitclutch Update

Another little update to multiclutch to allow it to load for all applications through SIMBL.

Update: I have made another post with better instructions and a new build.

Another little update to the changes I made to multiclutch.

I realised I could make the input manager load for all applications by using a * target application identifier for the SIMBL properties (so that is being used now).

I have also built the input manager as a universal application, so that it will now work for 32 bit and 64 bit applications, so the old input manager for MultiClutch in /Library/InputManagers should not be necessary anymore.

I have put up the build here:
Multiclutch Universal Build

Let me know how it goes!

13 thoughts on “Minor Multitclutch Update”

  1. Great work so far on this. I love multiclutch, so anyone who helps get it Snow-ready has my thanks…

    So I installed your second build, deleted the old Multiclutch inputmanager and found a bug… When using Coda, two-finger scrolling causes this to pop up in a dialog box:
    9/26/09 8:28:27 PM Coda[3439] NSExceptionHandler has recorded the following exception:
    NSInvalidArgumentException — -[NSApplication swizzledGestureEvent:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x93ae10
    Stack trace: 0x95b95d24 0x94f44f49 0x90b229db 0x90a7e026 0x90a7dbf2 0x196128c5 0x90bf3288 0x90b866fb 0x90b7e735 0x3512 0x3439 0x2

    as soon as I reinstalled the old inputmanager the bug vanished.
    Also, more logistical issue than a bug, but the old inputmanager is still needed to get to the multiclutch preference pane. Right now it checks to make sure the inputmanager is installed before launching. I don’t know if the preference pane is open source also, but that will need to change to remove dependence on the old inputmanager.

    So far so good. If I knew Cocoa I’d help, but since I don’t I’ll do my best to beta test whatever fixes emerge.

  2. elspub: I created a new build (uploaded to the same spot as the old one) that should fix both issues. It should not need the old Multiclutch input manager for the preference pane anymore, and it should not crash any programs (the unrecognized selector issue was fixed).

    Try it out and let me know.

  3. Hey, want to say thanks, this works great!

    This is what I did to get it working (I thought this might be handy to others as this mightn’t necessarily be that clear to all)
    1. Installed Multiclutch
    2. Installed SIMPL
    3. Added this bundle to the SIMPL plugins folder
    4. Removed Multiclutch Input Manager

    FYI, found this from comments on the Multiclutch site. Hopefully an update is added to the blog post so that more people can find this! Great work!

  4. Maybe it’s just me… I’m experiencing another bug. This one is a lot harder to put my finger on. Somehow Multiclutch lost all my preference settings.

    Now, if I go to set them up again, open the MC preference pane, click plus to add an app, and attempt to scroll down using the two-finger scroll i get the ole’ Spinning Beach Ball…. Have to force quit. Since I can’t upload direct here, here’s a link to download some of my log which tracks the issues… It might be SIMBL not your inputmanager or MC.


    Let me know if it is and I’ll email this onto the SIMBL developers…

  5. elspub: It looks like you have both the old Multiclutch input manager and the new SIMBL plugin. Can you remove the old input manager (As the new one will work in both 32 bit and 64 bit, and should support all applications).

    Let me know if that fixes it.

  6. I guess that was the main problem. There’s a bug somewhere, though. Because I had deleted the old input manager, and then, when MC lost all my old preference settings, and I went to recreate them, the preference pane required me to reinstall the old manager. and then the crashing and the two-finger scroll panics ensued…

    I uninstalled everything, reinstalled everything, deleted the old manager, rebooted, and now things seem to work fine again.

  7. I can’t seem to get SIMBL to install on my snow leopard. I keep getting the message: The installation failed. The installer encountered an error that caused the installation to fail. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Can anyone help?

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