Multiclutch Fixes + Better Instructions

Another minor multiclutch 64 bit update.

So I’ve had some fixes to Multiclutch that I never really made a post about, and I figured I might as well post some instructions on exactly how to get this all working so people have less issues.

First of all, the latest download link:

Instructions on how to use this:
1) Install the original Multiclutch plugin using the original beta installer here

2) Install the latest version of SIMBL which includes 64 bit support from here

3) Install my fork of the plugin by copying the bundle file from my zip file above into ~/Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins or /Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins

4) *Important / new step* – remove the original multiclutch input manager from /Library/InputManagers. The latest build supports both 32 bit and 64 bit applications, it is a universal binary.

If you don’t do 4, it is likely that your Firefox / other applications will crash on some gestures.

If you do all of the above, and are still getting crashes, let me know here.

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  1. The source is in my first post about Multiclutch. I’ve made some minor fixes, which I haven’t yet created a patch for (as it’s all pretty trivial stuff), but I’ll put it up somewhere when I get a chance, probably on the weekend.

  2. Actually it does work with Finder, just that SIMBL doesn’t inject into Finder as it starts *after* Finder. To make SIMBL inject Multiclutch into Finder, do a “killall Finder” in a terminal, which will restart Finder, and then Multiclutch will work.

  3. is there a specific uninstall process that we should go through if we want to get back to the original packages? i installed all of the required packages and then decided that i didn’t want to hassle with it anymore. i removed the MultiClutch preference pane from but im still having problems with apps crashing when i try to do a simple two finger scroll gesture.

  4. thanks so much for this! one weird thing i’ve noticed is that often times a gesture won’t be recognized on the first attempt. is anyone else experiencing this? possibly a step i’ve done wrong?

  5. Can you please ensure that you have performed ALL the steps. It sounds like you have 2 input managers.. which should not happen if you followed my instructions.

    I cannot reproduce any crashes on 2 finger scrolling.

  6. Hi, thanks for the modification!

    -I can’t find the original multiclutch bundle to remove… no crashes yet, but according to this walkthrough, I should be having two bundles installed.

    I can’t find it at either of the paths mentioned, and spotlight didn’t turn em up either.

    Thanks for any help!

  7. Thanks so much for updating this!! Just followed your directions and it works like a charm. I never realized how often I used MultiClutch until I upgraded to Snow Leopard. Thanks for bringing it back!

  8. I upgraded to SL recently and MultiClutch was working in my 32 bit browsers. Now, after following these instructions, and rebooting, the swipe gestures no longer work in my browsers.

  9. Just did this on 10.6.1, followed your steps and everything works fine. Just hope that 10.6.2 will not cause any issues. Thank you very much!

  10. Love this *but* what I really am after is two finger clicking to simulate middle clicking. I just can’t get the swipe to work well enough, I have actually pushed my mouse off my mouse pad since it moves so easily, Any chance of this at all??

  11. Nice stuff, thanks!!! 3 and 4 finger gestures are also highly desirable =) Also I cannot map gesture on “delete” key, just on “backspace”. I’m using Snow Leopard 10.6.1, MacBookPro Unibody.

  12. People who have crashes: make sure you have deleted the old multiclutch bundle from /Library/InputManagers

    There should be no mention of Multiclutch there.

    I am a bit busy right now, but once I get the time, I will try to package a multiclutch-x64 build that does not need the original installed.

    3 / 4 finger gestures aren’t exposed currently, so I’m not sure if it’ll be possible.

  13. Still no joy with the finder, it left/right swipes on the Magic Mouse fine (Magic mouse has no hardware support for up/down swipe I believe), and works in all apps EXCEPT the finder (using Leopard).

    I specifically added the finder as an app, and tried it with just global as well, but even after killall Finder I get no joy in the Finder.


  14. Sverre: Try looking in Console (under system.log), then do a killall Finder, and look at what’s changed (you should see some information from SIMBL Agent, and then “InjectEventHandler”

  15. I made a little tool based on MultiClutch but which is no InputManager. You don’t have to install anything (no SIMBL required), just start the program an it should work. I call it BetterTouchTool and it is available here:

    It is a very early alpha. Next versions will support some more magic mouse specific features.

  16. I am getting word crashes from multiclutch now all ike this

    07/11/2009 19:20:30[175] ([0x0-0x119119][2006]) Exited: Killed
    07/11/2009 19:20:31 [0x0-0x119119] 2009-11-07 19:20:31.070 Microsoft Error Reporting[2110:903] MulticlutchPlugin installed

  17. ora: I have no idea what would cause the crashes, but it looks like you did not delete the original bundle.. The latest version should not even say “MulticlutchPlugin installed” but just “Nov 11 11:28:42 pro Adium[33963]: InjectEventHandler”

    Anyway, perhaps you should try out the BetterTouch tool as posted by Andreas and see if that works.

  18. I was using your method to make multiclutch work and firefox started crashing everytime i used two finger scroll on my trackpad. i removed the bundle and it started working again. I have a crash log for you, just send me an email at taxbax (at) gmail (dot) com and i will end it to you.

  19. taxbax: do you still have the input manager AND the bundle.. Everyone who is having crashes most likely has both the multitouch input manager AND the new bundle. THIS WILL CAUSE CRASHES.

    I have repeated this at least 5 times! Please read the post properly first.

  20. I can confirm this was causing crashes in Firefox, and also any Adobe AIR application(TweetDeck, Seesmic, StockTwits Desktop) would immediately see a CPU spike and become unresponsive. The same thing was occurring with iPhoto and Parallels 5. I installed this so I could switch from Firefox to Safari as Firefox was just taking up way too much memory but needed my swipe gestures.

    The moment I removed the multiclutch inputmanager the problem went away with every app I just listed. Thanks for posting this, I was literally moments away from reinstalling the OS and starting over.

  21. Hi, I don’t think I’m getting your bundle to work properly.

    Among my other gestures I have set, I have a global gesture set to hide the window when I pinch inward. This works fine in Firefox and Safari but still doesn’t work with Finder even though I have tried killing and relaunching finder.

    When I go to the prefs panel after removing the original one and rebooting, it asks me to reinstall the panel but it looks identical to the original and still says Multiclutch 1.0 by William Henderson on the bottom (not sure if it’s supposed to be changed or not). I copied your latest bundle to the right folder and even tried copying it to the SIMBL folder under my user library instead. Still no luck though.

    When I remove the original inputmanager and reboot the gestures don’t work until I reinstall the prefs panel. Is this normal? I’m running on Leopard btw. Any idea what I’m doing wrong if anything?

    I haven’t been experiencing any crashes though.

  22. Strange – perhaps you aren’t using the newest version linked to in this page, or your cache has an older version? I have not tested on Leopard, as you might as well use the original Multiclutch.

    Also, anyone having trouble should check out BetterTouchTool available:

    It has a few more options and is much easier to use!

  23. It’s working intermittently for me. I have left and right set up as option-left arrow and option-right arrow respectively, which I then set to scroll through spaces. Oddly enough, though, I can only get it to switch once; I can’t scroll through them. If I click on an open window, then try again, it works again. But it looks like it’s a one-off thing without some sort of activity in between. (I switched it to show all spaces on swipe, which makes the bug less limiting.)

  24. Addendum: it only seems to stop working if a space I scroll to has no windows open in it. Guess if the focus is on Finder it doesn’t want to work? It works again after relaunching Finder, but only for a bit. Strange.

  25. Justin: If you installed the bundle properly, you can find it, if not, then I have no idea…

    patrick: never had any problems once you relaunch finder. Perhaps try BetterTouchTool as it is being actively developed.

  26. I have been using multiClutch with SL in 32bit for the basic editing functions: copy, paste, cut. It works fine with three finger swipes in Word. But it doesn’t work for me in the xml editor Oxygen 12.1. Is switching to your 62bit version likely to resolve this issue?

    Cheers & no matter what, thanks for your great efforts!


  27. David, I am unsure but doubtful that it would help.

    I have moved on to using BetterTouchTool myself, and would recommend it. It seems to be working with every app I’ve tried.

  28. I uninstalled MultiClutch long ago, but it still pops up in my log every time I launch an app. Of course I don’t care about it just appearing in the log, but it also seems to be silently changing the tracking speed of my mouse, so I have to reset it every day or so.

    I’ve looked in both the system and user InputMangaer and SIMBL folders, and I’ve done spotlight searched the system files for “multiclutch.” But I can’t find any other files to uninstall.

    Any idea why there might still be a ghost of MultiClutch in my computer?

    Thanks for any help.

  29. i’m getting the following error in system.log on 10.6.8:

    Did find:n /Users/2can/Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins/AirKeysInputManager.bundle/Contents/MacOS/AirKeysInputManager: GC capability mismatch

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