iTunes Windows Support for PS3 Media Server

iTunes Windows support for PS3 Media Server

I’ve been playing with PS3 Media Server since I got my PS3. It makes the PS3 much better as a media library client, but it still can’t compare to XBMC. Anyway, I was looking around the code for PMS and noticed that there was iTunes support for OSX, but now Windows, so I extended it to work on Windows today.

I created a patch which applies to r358:
iTunes Windows Support Patch

For those who want to test it ASAP:

Download this file:

This zip file contains a “pms.jar” file. To use this, go to your PMS folder, usually C:\Program Files\PS3 Media Server, and rename the existing pms.jar (to pmg.backup.jar) so you have a backup, and then copy the new pms.jar file in.

Now when you restart PS3 Media Server, under General Configuration, you should have a checkbox for “Show iTunes Library”. You can check this, save, and restart PS3 Media Server for it to start loading the iTunes library. Note that it takes a while to load, it took about 10 minutes on my library!