Multiclutch X64 SIMBL Plugin

Getting multiclutch working with Safari running in 64 bit mode.

I am a huge fan of Multiclutch, and I have been running Safari in 32 bit mode exclusively just so that I could keep using my multitouch gestures. It makes Safari so much more productive for me.

Anyway, I really wanted to get it working under 64 bit, and the source was open! And, it seems that SIMBL now works in 64 bit! So I decided to port over the Multiclutch code which was available on GitHub to work in SIMBL. This was a very rough port as I don’t code in OSX at all, and I just wanted to get it working!

What I modified:

  • Added MulticlutchPlugin.[hm] to replace the NSApplication_GESTURES, that implements the SIMBL required load
  • Modified Info.Plist to allow SIMBL to load it

Again, it’s very rough, and the developer should clean it up before releasing it. At the moment, it only loads on Safari.

A binary (Intel x64 only) for those who want to test it:
Multiclutch SIMBL Bundle

The bundle has to be copied to ~/Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins as per any other SIMBL plugin.